25% of people can not afford basic needs.

Does the fact that 25% of people can not afford basic needs make you mad? While the above photo and meme are from the Philippines  I first saw the statement about people in the United States.   I thought how can that actually be possible.  It is not only possible but true..Indeed it will always be true because basic needs is being defined  as the things that at least 3/4 of the population can afford to go about their business.  This in effect makes the problem permanently unsolvable.

Another common one is that half the population has a substandard education.  This one constantly pops up in different versions.  Standard education however is the median average education and therefore 1/2 of all education will be substandard by the definition of standard being used.

We have some problems in the United States.  One of them is get angry and voting in political figures to solve the problem of statistics.


What are human rights?

Basically human rights are often defined as the rights a person has simply because they are human. This would mean that if there are 20 people, 20,000 people or 20 billion people the rights are the same regardless. Most things that people tend to associate with human rights are actually privileges that comes from belonging to different social groups. Most of the privilege come at a cost. Healthcare, water, power, housing all have cost associated with obtaining them. A group of 20 people can not put the same levels of resources into each of these that a group of 20,000 could. So these are not actually human rights. So what are they?

The first and probably most important and most violated right is the right to Self-defense. This right exist no matter what laws a society try to pass because self-defense is part of living. But the right to prevent yourself from being harmed or forced to do things is built in. This includes responding with lethal force to those seeking to harm of force you. Societies try to restrict this right for several reasons. A person capable of defending themselves also has the ability to harm others is a commonly stated reason.

A second reason is that it is much easier to force those that don’t have the ability to defend themselves. This is especially true of religious and ethnic minorities. The majority find if far easier to bully any minority under these circumstances if they are unarmed. Simply numbers means in any unarmed conflict the majority will have injuries spread out among a large number and mostly light while the minority suffer grievous injuries. It is a quiet effect means of control.

The second most commonly violated human rights is the right to defend your property and do with it as you wish. This comes out of man’s territorial nature and is again built in to him. Whether it is his home, car, crop field or simply some bobble he owns people will respond violently to those that trying and take them or damage them. This fact is built in to being human. They also respond with violence to people trying to make the use such in ways that they don’t wish or preventing them from using the property in the manner that they want. This factor comes part and parcel with being human and is built in.

This one does have justifiable limits to it however. When you engage in active that effect other properties to defend those properties people will take action. Industrial activity for example is inherently more dangerous than residential. People can and will restrict such to certain areas. Retail is also more disruptive so is also limited in area that it can be practiced. But restrictions on use is a very common method of minority and religious suppression. It is quite common to zone minority neighborhood as industrial increasing the hardship there while decreasing property values. It is also quite common to zone buissness doing retail in minorities areas as residential an shut them down and prevent them from operating in other business areas.

The third most violated human right is the right to buy and sell property. (This includes goods) Limiting this activity to those that are of the approved of group buying and selling only approved of goods to approved of people is also one of the most common human rights violations. The amount of damage that this violation of human rights does is quite extreme and takes generations to recover from. When you hear of “White Privilege” this violation is the primary cause. The restrictions of what property minority can buy was primarily used against black and American Indian population. This insured that any such people would have far fewer chances to improve their lives. Whether it was buying a house or shopping in the local store the restrictions insured minority communities did far worse than everyone else and they would inherently be at a disadvantage do to lack of economic opportunity.

But it goes much further than that. This restrictions is ruthlessly used to insure one group( most often a corporation) succeeds and another fails (Or is out right outlawed) ; to make sure one group has far more opportunities than another violating everyone else’s rights. It is also used to target different ethnic and social groups by outlawing or steeply raising the prices of things that they purchase meaning such groups will have far fewer economic opportunities violating their rights.

The fourth most violated human rights is the right to exchange services for wealth. There are a great many laws forbidding the exchange of many sevices for wealth. There are far more restricting who may provide such services and how much of minimum payment must be paid for them. They are on many laws also on who is permitted to even by such services. All such laws are designed to provide a privilege to one set of people at the expense of another.

The next human right that is commonly violated is the right to make way. Limiting the places people can go to, who can travel where and just how they may travel while inflating the cost to travel limit the opportunity available to a great many people in favor of those that are more popular with the majority or the powerful. The damage that people suffer from because of this violation of human rights is incalculable.

Human rights don’t require anyone to pay for them. Privileges almost certainly do in one form or another. The United Nation’s council on human rights is a sham. Almost no time is spent on stopping actual violation of human rights but a lot of time is spent finding justification to violate human rights so that more privileges can be offered.

Is wealth a toxin?

There are many toxins that decrease a species fertility rates. Commonly a species that experience that and does parenting will spend additional time with each offspring to insure greater chances of survival. That is seen over and over though out the animal kingdom. This has also commonly been seen in people who have wealth through out history.

Both men and women of wealth have demonstrated a lower fertility thoften accompanied by a much lower interest in having children. While it doesn’t happen to all that have wealth it does effect the overwhelming majority. In times past this has even led to having a whipping boy to take the punishment that the child of wealthy parents would have so as to not damage him. In other places it has led to wealthy men having more than one wife. The decreased fertility has been seen all over the world in every culture that such concentration of wealth can take place. So does that make wealth a toxin and what does that mean for the future?

Some of those effects can already be seen. Already the birthrates in the wealthier countries has fallen below what the death rates are. Without immigration from countries that this has not happened yet there would be a chronic shortages of people able to maintain that society. Those countries also have some of the strictest laws concerning the mistreatment of children . They also have the highest per capita spending on training and carring for those children. These places also prolong the parents raising of children and taking care of their needs (and protecting them from their mistakes)well into young adulthood.

These places also have a significant amount of the population that is well past maturity. As there are a far fewer percentage of the population in the work force they are staying part of it longer. Nor with so fewer children can they expect them to look after them in their older years and are much more likely to have to either put away for them or depend on either government or private charity increasing the burden on those in the work force. Those are some of the effects of reduced fertility just so far.

Over the next couple centuries some of those will intensify. As the other countries also become wealthier the source of outside labor will disappear. This will likely push the age of retirement up to those that have passed the average age of death once again. It can also result in an actual drop in population as no or only a few countries can maintain their population. This will result in great difficulty in maintaining those societies.

Even tougher child safety laws will likely come about. An even higher per capita spending on training and carring for the children will most likely occur word wide. Quite possibly the artificial womb will replace abortion as the legal way to end a pregnancy in many places.

But that is the next century or two longer term? Not everyone is effected by drastically reduced fertility because of wealth. Those that are resistant to the toxins of wealth will pass on those genes far more often than the rest of the population. As the genes for resistance to the toxin of wealth become more and more common the population growth rate will recover and once again sufficient number to maintain the society will be more readily available. Retirement age will again fall and other changes will happen.

It is something to think about.

Free speech vs harassment

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press have long been misunderstood and miss represented by the different groups depending on their agenda. Both are statements that the government is not allowed to prevent you from saying or writing what you want. It is not a guarantee of information and it is certainly not a protection from the consequences of what is said or written as some people seem to believe.

If you make a false claim you are entirely liable for the damages such a claim entails. For that reason many publications are very clear when stating opinions verses reporting facts though this is becoming less common now with the news magazine format. Advertisement is often sued for miss representing facts as are different publishers. Free speech doesn’t protect you from the consequences of lying about things.

Nor does it protect against slender and verbal assult. Yet there seems to be a very common misconception that it does. People often used the idea that they have free speech to verbal harass and abuse others. Verbal abuse is still abuse verbal assult is still assult and at their core forms of violence. Yet many people are surprised when they initiate that form of violence to be met with more or even greater violence and scream for the police to do something about it. You don’t have the right to harass others. Depending on location and political climate the person that started the verbal assult is often the only one charged. They usually come away from such an encounter feeling that it was their right to free speech that was violated never even considering that they didn’t have the right to harass others in the first place.

In some cases the local government have taken the extra step of declaring certain types of speech “hate speech ” and punishing only those or increasing the penalty against those forms. The result of only choosing to penalize the harassing speech against specific groups or people and not others is exactly what free speech is suppose to prevent. These special laws violate the principal of equal justice for everyone. They also in many cases increase the hate toward specific groups by favoring one group over another in the eyes of justice.

80 years ago in most of the country, a black man said something hateful against whites he could be looking at jail time while white people doing the same would be ignored. Non Christian saying anything against followers of Christ would be punished but almost never was it the other way around. But now there are places that the exact opposite occur. The answer is not to change who is and is not protected but to apply the rules uniformity.

If it is illegal for people to harass and verbally abuse one type of people all people should be entitled to that same level of protection.

at least that is what I think.

The cause of mass shootings

Another mass shooting another round of blame and accusations. Is the easy way that guns are available the cause? Or is it that the people are left defenseless that is the cause. The truth is neither positions is correct. A person intent on harming others will not be stopped from trying to by either action. Both believe that the levels of success of those that wish to carry out such actions might be curtailed if their own advice is followed and are at least partially correct in that. Gun control advocates are correct that if it more difficult to get a gun then there is a higer chance of them reconsider that actions before carring it out. The other side is also correct that a much higher percentage of people carring guns increases the likelihood of there being someone there able and willing to stop the person. Neither solution is completely workable. Neither solution even pretends to actually address the cause of such events.

What is the cause? Some will say it is a society that doesn’t care. Some will blame the lack of mental health care. Some say it is because we are a godless people run by degenerates. Yet more people will sight dehumanizing media. There are dozens of other things sighted. But they by enlarge miss the primary cause. When you bully and/or attack someone you can count on some of them reacting with violence. A certain percentage of those that react to being bullied with violence will commit mass shootings.

Bullying in today society is rampant still though many types and aspects of it have shown a marked decrease. While bullying because of race, sex, sexual orientation and religious belief are declining they still exist and we have added many many more reason to bully people. The vice laws, laws against drinking, drug use, gambling and sex for hire account for a large amount of the bullying going on. Yet even that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Nearly all zoneing, and community standard laws are an attempt to bully the undesirable out of the area. All trade/occupational license are bullying of those involved into approved practices. Even our medical system has become full of bullying only those practices that are approved any those people that we have approved may practice medicine and you are forbidden to buy the stuff to treat yourself without their approval.

If you have ever applied for social services you will find bullying there too as the people decide weather or not you are deserving of help by looking into your background. Furthermore the social services are bullying people into helping who others feel need than help instead of who you feel you should help. This list goes on and on.

Next time there is a mass shootings and you want to look for the person to blame start by looking in the mirror and the bullying you voted to do.

Heath care for profit


There have been many post about the evils of medical care for profit.  Yet it is the very principal of medical care for profit that has generated a medical industry that now accomplishes so very much more than even a century ago. The vast majority of people that have gone into a medical field have done so because it is a more profitable way of making a living.   Nearly all medical advances are the result of people investing money to make a profit in medical technology.  The results you can see for yourself.  The number of things that can now be treated is far higher than ever before and the number of people will to work in a medical field is at an all-time high.  All the result of practicing medicine for profit.

But there are many significant problems with the system.  One of those is that those involved in such don’t want to be held liable for their actions while others are trying to hold them liable for things that they have no control over. This has resulted in a massive amount of cost added in the form of liability insurance.  A second is to protect their own profits the person investing and providing those people have gotten laws inacted to severely restrict who is allowed to provide what.  While this does have the effect of removing most of the least competent is also keeps competent some competent people out and significantly increases the levels of cost.

Yet a third problem comes from having to pay these professionals for permission to used these medical advances.  Especially the drugs.  Without a doctor signing off you may not purchase most of them and you may only purchase them from those that they have approved.  Then there is still another problem with health care for profit system as it stands today.  The newest and best system take a lot of capital investment to develop so the newest and best is the most expensive.  Yet everyone demand that they receive the best and still worse will hold the medical practitioner responsible should they not use such.  Yet if the profit incentive is removed the capital for investment in them disappear. But those newest and best are only available because there is profit in offering a better treatment. Stop the profit and stop medical advances.

Still further complicating the problem with the present system is the way new technology is regulated, approved or disapproved.  This has likely slowed down medical advances by 25 years over the past century.  The deaths and being forced to pay for less effective methods is yet another problem.

For profit medical treatment is not the real problem.  For profit medical treatment is at the heart of why so many previously untreatable conditions can now be treated and is core to the further advancements of the medical field.

The coming of the artificial womb

In 2017 some late term lambs fetuses were transferred to an artificial womb. They developed successful and were born. Many people that have trouble carry full term greeted this news happily. Yet there is still much work to be done before this is a viable option and already there are those attempting to control who is and who is not allowed to use this method and who is and who is not to be entrusted with carrying out such a procedure.

One thing that is certain is when such is first available it will be expensive. The infighting over who is and who is will make it even more so. In the beginning there are certain to be mistake and people will suffer because of them. Yet people are already suffering because of the lack of this technology. Those Thisto control this and other technology are prolonging how long they will take to be developed and how many will continue to suffer the lack.

This isn’t the only medical technology that is being delayed in development. Indeed regulations have probability delayed enough technical development that we are now 10 to 20 years behind where we could be and it is costing us 4 times what it should not inclusive of the additional non needed suffering and even death that those technologies would prevent.

The artificial womb technology is still in the very early stages and is as yet only for late term possible use. Instead of throwing more obstacle in the way isn’t it time to start cleaning out the obstacles and inflated cost to develop this and other technology.