Single use plastic: one reason poor people are not dying.

The use of single use plastic has likely resulted in tens of millions of fewer deaths each year primarily among the very poor. Never before in history have these people actually had access to goods of this level of quality control and cleanliness. From botteled drinks to pre packaged foods they not have access to food and drinks that has a much lower chance of killing them than ever before at a price that they can actually meet. The people now alive because of such may easily be in the hundreds of millions if not over a billion.

Unfortunately the drive to ban single use plastic is slowing down improvement to the quality of living to these the poorest of us. For some even it is once again placing safe water and safe food well beyond their ability to obtain.

On a daily basis drinking water from contaminated sources eating foods of questionable quality still has over a billion people forced to risk their health and their children’s health. This number in many countries is again starting to grow.


Is the National Anthem on the Way Out?


Soon many sports venues and other places might have to give up on playing the National Anthem. This long standing tradition might become one that most places can no longer afford to do dispite both its popularity and benifts. I for one will be sad to see that happen. But a small vocal group is determined to use the playing of the National Anthem as an excuse to attack others.

Reflecting on all the struggle, sacrifices and accomplishments that has gotten us to this point in our history and honoring them is not a bad thing.  But it is a personal choice and the reasons for not participating are many and varied.  There is simply no excuse for harassing and attacking someone for not wanting to participate.

This harrasment is going to result in laws against in it places as well as much higher insurance rates for liability to all venues that try to continue to play it. The blame for its decrease will not be those that don’t stand, or those few that actually want it stopped.  No the blame will rest squarely on those that use this as an excuse to harass or harm others for not participating.  If you can’t have a peaceful ceremony to commerate our heritage then no one is going to offer or insure that at their event.


Are We Making Our Children Dumber?

The question of environment verses genetic just got a whole lot more complicated. How the genes a person has play a role in their development but so does how those genes are expressed.  This is a factor in why certain types of changes happen far quicker than simply natural selection can account for.  Change in shading, coloration, size are some factors that environment has effected the succeeding generations faster than natural selection can account for for example . Other things are effected to.

One possibility is human intelligence. The need to think for yourself or accept tribal wisdom could well be something that is strongly determined by how your genes are expressed. Which is more important to you social acceptance or personal accomplishment may well effect not only your own development but will be passed on to your children in how there genenic expression starts out.  Another factor could well be if you have to think a lot of things though then you children will have their genes expressed to make doing so easier for them. This would be especially true for women who are or about to become pregnant.

If these factors are indeed true and the information at this point says this might be the case then society is indeed changing us to produce less intelligent children.  This is how evolution works. All of our efforts to make everything safer is pushing our children to be less intelligent.  All of our efforts to socialize our children is pushing to make them less intelligent. Our very schools and their uniformity of goals is moving us to produce children that are more accepting of social wisdom rather than thinking things though.

It is a trend that needs to be reversed before it has catastrophic result .

Limited Liability: The Root of Evil Capitalism

Any time there is no consequences for damages that people or companies do they stop caring if they are even doing damage . Even simply reducing the consequences often leads to a significant increase in people doing damage though thoughtless actions.  When you add this to corporations the problem gets much much worse.

Corporations are the most efficient and effective way of increasing both wealth creation and income generation.  Government often take measures to increase the number of corporations generating wealth and producing income  in their area. Often at the expense of individuals, cooperatives, partner ships and such.  One of the oldest means of increasing these is to limit the liability to a maximum of what money you put in to such. The result of such were disastrous.  Since you could not hold the people involved in putting up the money for corporate ventures directly responsible a lot of the money the was put into pirate ship and slave ship actually came from the investors in the places it was illegal quite often without those investors even know that they were the ones actually funding such things. There was little incentive to look too deeply into exactly what type of shipping venture was being invested in beyond was that company making a profit and were they likely to keep doing do.

This pattern has been repeated over and over again. Is it profitable if yes invest and let who might or might not be harmed be someone else’s concern. The government has responded by bypassing the courts and passing regulation after regulations but not just on the coropration but on the individual, partnership and cooperatives as well. These people who are already criminally liable for any harm they might do now have to prove innocence just to be allowed to do buissness.  It is a very very costly process very few individuals can now afford to do so are left with no choice but to either work for a corporation or go on welfare.

Yet these factors are only the tip of the iceberg of the damage that limited liability does .  Doing things that people fully understand will be harmful then selling that corporation is becoming more and more common.  Stock holders are more and more voting in chairman and CEOs that will go after short term profit and increased stock prices so that they can sell off the stock and any liability that has occurred.  Another common occurrence is the majority stock holders also being company officers and significantly over paying themselves knowing full well that these liability are going to bring the company down in an effort to avoid the financial loss that the other stock holders will incur.  Companies also have a habit of transferring bad assets to smaller companies then selling those companies and the liability that those assets have to avoid long term liability that using such had incurred.

When profit out weight risk many more people are willing to invest. Artificially reducing that risk by limiting the amount  of liability however comes with great cost to everyone else and severely limits those that have the ability to create wealth.  Don’t look to Congress however to ever fix this problem.  It is not in the nature of that office to fix this. They themselves are elected to shield both the voters and those paying for their campaign against the harm that the policies might do and see that it is the other people that bear the brunt of the damage done.

The courts should have never have allowed Congress to infringe on their jurisdiction. How much and who is responsible for that damage is the purview of the courts. It should be judge by a case by case basis and no law that limit that or assigns that to people should ever have been allowed in the first place. To fix this we must start by demanding our courts hold people and companies fully responsible for the damage that they do .



Electing Criminals

American don’t tend to elect people on how good a job they can do. They elect them to punish those that are not behaving in a manner that they like. To punish the other people.  Is he gay. We need to punish him for it. Is he making to much we need to punish him for it. Is she fooling around without being married we need to punish her for it. Is he stepping out on his wife we need to punish him for it. Are they using too much fuel we need to punish them for it. Is he smoking we need to punish him for it. Does he use drugs we need to punish him for it. The list goes on and on.

However actually doing anything of the sort on a personal level is a criminal act.  So we get enough people together and elect someone to commit this criminal act for us. Now it is perfectly legal and acceptable to punish those people whose behavior we don’t approve of. They are now committing a illegal act. People commonly elect people to commit a crime for them so why are they suppised to learn that the have elected a criminal that commits other crimes. If the are willing to take office to hurt others you can count on them being willing to hurt you.

The blame isn’t on the politicians ..It is on you for demand that the people you are electing hate who you hate and will use that power to hurt them.  Why are there so many criminals? Simply look in the mirror and you will find the answer


Hollywood hypocrisy

Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL..Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson)..Photo: Chuck Zlotnick..??Marvel Studios 2019

Captain Marvel is well on the way to another huge block buster opening and record sales. One more massive money maker for the entertainment industry.  American will once again spend record amounts on entertainment. Meanwhile people are living in the streets in every single major city in the country, small business are still struggling, health care and energy cost are a major problem everywhere and education is suffering.  The list goes on and on.

Any person that is spending money on entertainment in this fashion then says we need to raise taxes and pay for energy, health care, education housing etc is a hypocrite. Why in the hell didn’t they give to those types of institutions in the first place instead of paying for entertainment.  Why should every one else have to have less to spend on food, housing, transportation, energy, medical care  or investment in their future so other can decide to spend it on being entertained . If it is not important enough for you to seriously cut back on what you are spending money on entertainment then it damn well isn’t important enough to interfear with others paying for these things.

Unsolving the Homeless problem

Many many times throughout history a great many people and community have taken steps to solve the Homelessness of their fellow man. These steps however usually only have a temporary effect on the problem because others will take steps to unsolve the problem.

The most common method of unsolving the Homeless problem is to simply outlaw low rent housing. No one wants these people living in their neighborhood. They are considered loud, smelly, lazy, ignorant, dirty, dangerous people that brings down the value of the neighborhood and people want them gone. So no matter what steps some people take to provide them with affordable housing other will as quickly as they possibly can see that that housing is no longer available to them.

A second is to outlaw the things these people can profitably do to make a legal living. Many have skills that are substandard. The only way to compete with those that can do a job better and faster is to do it for less money. Nearly every community has made that however illegal. These people would also do vending either of stuff that got cheap from someone or on consignment. In many countries around the world poor walk the streets with goods for sale to make money but in every single place that this could be done profitable in the United States you will be harrased and even arrested for doing so. Many times throughout history people have set up buissness that will see to it these people can earn money only to be shut down.

Any effective solution involves see to it that there is housing available at low cost and they are allowed to do the work that they can profitably do. As soon as you solve the Homeless problem there is always a majority that will vote to unsolve it.