Basic Human Rights

There seems to be confusion on just what the basic human rights are. Here is a brief description the the core ones

The right not to be attack. In society this equates to having the police for and military prevent others from attacking you. It you personal life you are entitled to use what ever force that is needed to stop those that are attacking you up to and including lethal force.

The right not to be robbed. Again in society you have as entitled to the very same police protection from others taking your stuff as any other person. And you are entitled to use what ever force necessary including lethal force stop others from robbing you.

The right not to be forced. In society you have the right to have the police and military prevent others from forcing you to do things you don’t want to do. This also means you can use what ever force necessary to prevent this.

Not only do you have these right but so does ever other person. If you rob someone expect them to use what ever force necessary to stop you. If you are trying to force others to do things your way expect them to fight back with all the force they believe need to stop you.

These right are part of being human. As such all attempts to take them away will always result in various levels of a violent response that tends to grow over time.

These are not rights because any specific government grants them. They are simply the end product that humans occupying the same territory. The very traits makes us human make these rights part of being human.

Human rights are not the privileges that belongs to this or that social group brings. Indeed a great many of the privileges that different social groups give their members come at the cost of denying human rights to people and much of politics is figuring out which groups of people you can take rights away from to grant special privileges to others.


Religion and the rise of modern man.

There have been many papers published on why homo sapiens displaced the others closely related hominids. Quite a few attribute it to being more intelligent. This however may not have been the case. The majority of traits that seems to be attributed to intelligence are actually traits of have a significantly different social structure. One that leads both to larger group size and the accompanying specialization. The advent of religion could well have brought on this change in social structure.

Greater specialization allows for not only greater skill at doing a job but also for more complex methods and more complex tool development. With greater numbers came greater complexity of both skills and tools. Indeed it would actually take less intelligence since you didn’t need to know how to do every job in the community well just the ones you were specializing in. It is indeed possible that some of the other homiden were as intelligent if not even more so but simply never developed religious beliefs.

The advent of religion and common beliefs allowed group to grow much larger regardless of the intelligence of the individual members. Both the commonality of goals and greater sense of belonging that religion brings result in groups growing to much larger size before fracturing. Indeed increase intelligence which would lead members to question the goals would often be a detriment to such groups. The ability to act on goals not by reason but by belief allow a much greater amount of effort to be concentrated on reaching them.

It is quite possible that it was our superstition and not our intelligence the allowed modern man to displace the other homidens . It is something to think about.

The Quest for Beer and the Rise of Civilization

There is more and more evidence turning up that a driving force behind advent of agriculture was the production of alcoholic beverages. While successful hunting and gathering took advance planning it didn’t take as much as production of a good alcoholic beverage. To be sure of a good brew ment making sure all the right ingredients were easily at hand. This would have involved planting and clearing out some of the competing plants. The more time spent on it the more brew they would get.

Our hunter gathers ancestors would have still need to follow the game and season to stay fed. These grains were small compaied to modern crops. Taking care of those plants would have only seemed worth the effort if they were getting something special for their additional effort. A nice brew would have been just enough to go to the extra effort.

The consequences however would be very long term and ultimately change how our ancestors lived. It doesn’t take long before planting as seed selection lead to much larger grain size. The domestication of plants had begun. Eventually it would be worth while to no longer follow the game but to tend the plants full time. And so civilization get its start. So you can blame taxes, red tape and social media all on your ancestor desire for beer.

The Impossibility of Peace on Earth

Many many people wish for peace on Earth. However what they usually actually want however is that everyone would do what the person making that statement want them to do. Indeed most of the violence in this world today stims from the very concepts that if we force those people to behave the way we want them to we will make the world a better place.

This kind of thinking never worked and never will.  Yet people will always try to apply it to their very own cause.  Indeed the very concepts of democracy is predicated on the idea of getting enough people together to force everyone else  to do things your way. Predictably it has always led to more violence and higher levels of poverty and the strong suppression of minority groups.

People form groups of all different types. The groups will have different goals and agenda.  The groups join factions and coalitions with others in either defence or to better force their own way on others. Often the factions contain groups that despise each other but are cooperating to harm a different faction.  This is made even worse when the money or power is involved is high.

There will never be peace on Earth.  Human beings simply will not stop trying to force others. At best you can reduce the level of violence.  One method of doing so is to  reduce the level of power the different factions are trying to control.  A second is to increase the ability of individuals to resist being forced.   You will not get peace in this manner but you will get less violence.

Weath a Vector for Disease.

Weath has grown to the point that half the world’s population is no longer in poverty and is expected to bring most of the rest out of poverty but the end of this century..and while wealth eliminates most diseases it is a vector for others. Obesity is one of the most common as well as increased anxiety. However decreased birth rates is a very very common occurrence in more than 95% of the population exposed to wealth.

This is so wide spread as so pervasive that many of the country so affected can no longer maintain their current population and rely on immigration to meet their population needs. But as wealth spreads to more countries and the countries that they are immigrating from experience a like drop immigration will no longer be able to fill that need.

However as much as 5% of population are not as heavily affected by this reduced birth rates.  And possible 1% are barely affected at all. Between 40 and 60 percent of the children they have are also less affected by reduced birth rates. This factor will result in a larger and larger percentage each generation having their birth rates reduced by wealth.  While the population growth rate may drop drastically as wealth spreads to more countries within a few more generations it will recover somewhat as this percentage grows.

So where did all that water come from?

The earth has a very abundant amount of water. Scientists have speculated about the origins of that abundance for a long time with a great many theories some more possible than others.  Some it was always here trapped in the rocks and slowly released others that it arrived here with comets and astroid impacts. There may be another possibility.

There are some indication that between 4 and 5 billion years ago, before the sun had even started fusion the earth had about 10 bars of atmosphere. One of the possible make up of gas was roughly 10,000 kg/m^2 nitrogen, 10,000 kg/m^2 carbon dioxide and nearly 80,000 kg/m^2 of hydrogen.  These are simply rough approximation and both the total and ratio might be off some.  However at 10 bars of atmosphere even the infrared radiation that the collapsing sun was generating would have given the planet a surface temperature between 250°k and 350°k.  That atmosphere at that temperature on a planet rotating as fast as it was then is going to generate wind and lighting.

Lighting is going to have some interesting effects on that mix.  It will break the bonds hold the gas modules together.  This will result in methane creation, ammonia creation and water creation in trace amounts.  But over the 100 to 300 million years that the atmosphere was like that that could become quite a total. Possibly even enough to account for most of it.

So now there is yet another possible source that the abundance of water we have got there. It is going to take time and work to figure out how much of the water we have originated in the lighting storms of the earth at the dawn of it’s existence.

I possibility worth thinking about.